It is no question that carrying another human in your belly is already challenging as it is. Unfortunately, the journey does not end once you have given birth to your child. The postnatal period brings even more changes to your body as a mother between the time you have given birth up until your child is six weeks old. This period is known as a woman’s transition into motherhood.


The changes a woman undergoes as she transitions into becoming a mother do not only involve physical changes but emotional and psychological changes as well. Although it is common for a woman to undergo such changes, each woman experiences these differently.

Here are some of the common changes you should expect and mentally prepare for after giving birth to your baby:



Expect to feel a little jittery right after birth. Typically, this may last for a few minutes to a few hours. Your hormones experience some shifts that occur right after the delivery. Evidently, this may also be an effect of the anesthesia or the release of your endorphins.


Irregular Vaginal Blood Loss

Lochia is known as the blood loss experienced after birth. During the first 12 hours of birth, there is a heavy blood loss, and it gradually slows down afterward.  The discharge may be different for every woman, but it starts off looking bright red, then pink-ish, then finally a brown color which may carry on for up to four weeks.


Abdominal Pain


After birth, the uterus goes through the process of shrinking. During this process, the uterus’ muscle fibers are slowly broken down, causing the woman to experience some strains in the abdominal area. It may even feel as if you are having contractions again. If it is not your first time giving birth, prepare for a stronger sensation of pain as compared to the first time you delivered a baby.


Sweating Buckets

After giving birth, your estrogen levels will drop to an extreme degree. This drop will cause some significant changes to your body’s temperature regulation. Most of the time, you may experience heavy sweating during the night time.



No doubt does giving birth use up a lot of your energy. Apart from that, you also experience a large amount of blood loss during labor and birth. In result, your body will be exhausted. On top of that, a baby continually crying almost every night will drain your energy even more.

Stretch Marks


Unfortunately, every woman’s nightmare is about to manifest after birth. Stretch marks. Wherever your body stretched out throughout the period of pregnancy, stretch marks will appear.


Emotional Instability

Many women have experienced crying over very menial things after giving birth. You may feel any emotions, jumping from one to another. It is completely normal, as your hormones also act upon your feelings.

Eventually, the crying will stop, and you will be back to your old self in no time. However, if you notice yourself still feeling down and different after some time, you may want to seek professional help as it is also possible for you to experience postpartum depression.

There you have it; these are just some of the changes you may want to prepare for once you become pregnant. Although you can never actually be ready for the different changes and experiences your body will undergo, at least now you know what to expect once the time has come.