We all know that being a mother is no joke. Mothers need to endure a lot of things such as nine months of physical discomfort, more than an hour of uncontrolled pain in delivery, stress, and anxiety from environmental toxicity, family issues, and career decisions, and the list goes on. Sadly, for some other people, they don’t take mothers seriously. They assume that because they decide to give and create a life, they should get stuck with its duties and responsibilities.

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Yes, motherhood is a choice. It’s every woman’s dream to give birth and have her own family. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the job is easy. It requires tons of effort and sacrifices before someone can finally conclude a completed life mission. But even if they’ve already thought about it, the journey of motherhood never stops. It’s an endless responsibility that no one seems to notice.

It Always Hurts A Lot

In all aspects of parental counseling, there is no such thing as an exact parenting method. In fact, all mothers differ in their approach. But sometimes, the societal judgment takes everything away from every mother’s practical mental and emotional aspects. In some unfortunate events, one mistake can already drag them to the pit.

“Trying to balance parenthood with other family and career responsibilities can be taxing. You may start feeling that you are failing as a parent,” licensed psychologist Dr. Irena Milentijevic wrote. That’s a reason why on certain occasions, most women snap out. It always hurts a lot because motherhood can’t escape judgment, blame, and insult. Everything is twice more substantial than the usual emotional and psychological pain.

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Therefore, Sarah Weisberg, PsyD, founder of Potomac Therapy Group, said, “After the birth of a baby, family and friends often want to come help, but it is so important for new parents to set their own boundaries, decide how they want to spend this precious time with their baby and focus on settling into their new normal as a family.” She added, “New parents receive many tips and pointers from well-meaning advice-givers, but sometimes this advice can come across as intrusive and even judgmental.”

Only The Important Things Matter

People often assume that most moms seem to forget to take care of themselves. That’s not true because mothers are just busy providing their full attention to their kids and family. Is that a bad thing? No. But in some instances, it can cause a series of interpersonal destruction. It might hinder mothers to connect and spend time with themselves. Though it is a damaging habit, their idea of what’s most important is incomparable to those who can’t seem to understand what it’s like to juggle everything.

The Tasks Are Endless

Motherhood is a non-stop duty that no woman can move away from. Yes, they can complain, but it will never change anything. The hardships grow more intense every step of the way as well as the judgment and neglect. Mothers are bound to do everything selflessly. The job requires them to become alert, sensitive, emphatic, reasonable, emotionally capable, mentally stable, and in control all the time. The process is hard, and it doesn’t always go their way sometimes. Conflict may arise, and misunderstanding can pull down everything. There’s no stopping in motherhood. They are not allowed to feel weak, restless, and vulnerable because their responsibilities grow bigger once they take a sudden pause. Sometimes, if left unattended, their tasks become destructive.

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Motherhood is a life-long responsibility that is tiring, irritating, and depressing at times. But it is also one of the best things that allow women to understand the importance of selfless care and unconditional love. It opens an opportunity for them to experience the life of being a mom beyond imagination.

As relationship and couples consultant Gwendolyn Nelson Terry, MEd, MA, LMFT, said, “When women become moms they are overcome with all these emotions: love, worry, hope, strength, responsibility. It can be a lot to sort through, but what it really boils down to is that they want to be a good parent and make the right choices for their babies.”