Being a mom to one child is difficult – so imagine having two kids without a husband; this is why I joined the 2018 Single mom Conference. I had to learn more about how to raise my kids since they are multi-racial, one of the many topics in the conference.

My name is Kiara, and I have two children, all of whom I had adopted when they were babies. I couldn’t have children of my own since I am barren, and I don’t have a husband too. But it’s okay. I have accepted that fact about myself, and the state feels I am more than capable of being a mother, and so, now, I have two beautiful kids.

Luna, my eldest daughter, is nine this summer. Her birth mother was a Vietnamese-Chinese teenager who was hooked on drugs. I had a difficult first few months with her since she was a preemie and sickly. But I gave her all the love and care she needed, and my Luna survived.

Kristo was “given” to me by my best friend, Leandra. She died shortly after a car crash, and her last breath was, “You are Kristo’s mother now.” Lea was Colombian and a single mother too. I have had Kristo since he was two, and now, he is six years old.


And so, multi-racial. I am an Irish-American mom with a Vietnamese-Chinese-American daughter and a Colombian-American son. How do I manage and deal with that? The conference was a big help. I know that I am a great mother without help, but I am an even better mother with support and assistance.

I now get it why Luna is yearning for her Asian roots. She is even trying to track her birth mother, and I am helping her with that. It hurts a bit, but I know she is my daughter, and I will do the same thing if I were her.

Kristo is fond of playing his games, which I limit these days. He has a mouth, oh my, and I’m imposing discipline. Soon, I will have to bring him to the surgeon for circumcision, and it’s just me. I’m a single mom with complicated children, and yet, I love them. They are mine even if they are not.