For most individuals, they find it useless to complain about their hardships during this time of the pandemic. That is understandably one of the bravest things a person can do because, honestly, no one wants this. No one expects that this global health crisis will become an individual’s terrifying reality. But for single moms, this situation is crippling. It leaves them on pause, and there seems to be no way out of it. Everything is exhausting and depressing.


The Number One Struggle (Financial Strain)

Since a lot of companies are closed during this time, single moms can’t have something on the table. That is the reality in most countries. Well, they certainly understand every business’s decisions because these industries do not want to risk other people from getting infected. But the emotional and financial damage for single moms is unbearable. Single moms need their incomes, especially in times like this. But no one can promise that because no company is willing to pay any employee a full salary because it will financially strain the business. Sadly, it is a hopeless situation for both.


All single moms are hopeful. They are waiting to go back to their lives so they can have something for their family. These individuals are eager to become productive again because they know they only have themselves. They understand the struggle of raising kids alone, and this situation is discouraging them in finding ways to survive. Most of these single moms are confused, terrified, and worried about the financial devastation that this pandemic offers them in this period. But what else can they do?

In some unfortunate instances, these singles parents are more than willing to go to work regardless of the whole pandemic crisis. They somehow do not care to risk their lives only to provide for their children. They do not hesitate to expose themselves outside even if there is only a little chance they can receive financial assistance. These single parents understand that they can’t afford to get sick. But due to this pandemic lockdown, every hour of work they miss becomes too much. With all the rent, utility bills, food, and other necessities, a “no work, no pay” company policy is like a living hell.


Societal Judgment Based On Perceived Unfairness

For other people who don’t understand these single moms’ situation, they somehow easily conclude that these individuals are being entitled. That is because most governments in the countries around the world care to prioritize single parents’ needs at some point. And by that, other people complain and look at them as entitled individuals. But are they?

For most people with a stable and high paying salary, one can assume that they probably have savings. At some point, they do not care to worry about paying bills for the next couple of months. Perhaps they don’t struggle on a day to day basis because they already managed to prepare their necessities right after the announcement of the lockdown. But for some unfortunate single parents, every day is a struggle even before the pandemic begins. Just imagine their life right now that there is no guarantee of getting stable financial assistance. It is very tragic.


Realizations In Times Like This

Since there are lots of people in the world who live their lives nearly from paycheck to paycheck, we can assume that this global health crisis only worsens them. For single moms or those individuals who are barely making ends meet, this pandemic situation makes them emotionally and mentally unstable. Therefore, we can never blame these single parents’ cry for immediate financial assistance.